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About Us

Corine Danchik is a licensed and experienced acupuncturist. She graduated from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2008. Corine has had the pleasure of serving as the academic dean at both the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Southwest Acupuncture College. Currently, she teaches Western Nutrition at CSTCM.

What makes Corine unique as an acupuncturist?  

She has a passion for learning and investigating the root causes of illnesses. She is always inspired to learn more so she can use her skills to help people be at their best. Although she does not specialize in any one issue, she has had many success stories with shoulder and knee pain, plantar fasciitis, digestive disturbances, insomnia, menopause, female health, and insomnia. She also has extensive experience in treating senior citizens. 

Corine also utilizes a form of “needleless” acupuncture with the use of tuning forks. Specially calibrated tuning forks are placed on acupuncture points in place of needles or conjunction with them. She received her training at The Acutonics® Institute of Integrative Medicine.

Who is she?

Corine is an acupuncturist, a teacher, and a mother of three girls. She strives to model healthy living and a balanced lifestyle. She loves to mountain bike and run with her husband and enjoy nature whenever possible.

How she became an Acupuncturist:

Corine is a person who wanted to be a healthcare provider of some kind since she was a child. Her first job was at a retirement home while she was in high school. At a young age, she was given the job as a caregiver and helped the residents with their daily needs. This experience created an interest in studying geriatrics at the University of North Texas. While studying the aging process, Corine found that if she studied nutrition, she would be able to help others gain the knowledge that they needed to be healthy and age better. At this point, she changed her major and graduated with a Bachelors of Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University. After graduation, she gained quick employment at a hospital working under a dietitian. As she worked educating patients on diets after a heart attack, she realized that there must be another way to help prevent this in the first place. This journey leads her to the door of The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine to become the healthcare provider that she always wanted to be.

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